Bulb cultivation

Bulb cultivation

Bulb cultivation

The Netherlands is known for its bulbs, and we as IFJ like to respond to this market. And where one company needs employees in cultivation on the land or in the greenhouse, the other company asks for people for work in the barn or for export preparation.

In order to be able to properly organize this process throughout the season, the right flex workers to carry out these activities are very important. We have a large pool of employees with extensive work experience.



  • Housing
    IFJ is taking care about housing for employee.
  • Certification
    IFJ is arranging transport for employee
  • Perspective
    You will be assigned a permanent account manager. This way we have short lines with you and we can switch quickly.

How we unburden

In addition to looking for skilled flex workers and arranging housing and transport, we also want to unburden you in other ways. For example, IFJ takes care of the salary and personnel administration and absenteeism.

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